Fused Glass from Tropics of Costa Rica

How to replace kiln element

I’ve just had to replace the element in my kiln, after about 4 years use.  We ordered one from the manufacturer through our local distributor.  But, when we opened the package, the new kiln element didn’t look anything like the old one, which was about 3 meters long and  wrapped around the fire-box twice.  This was a short little piece of tightly coiled steel.  It wasn’t immediately obvious to us that we simply had to stretch the new element to the same length as the old one.

We laid the two out together on the floor and Steve and I holding firmly to each end, we gently pulled until the new one was as long as the old one.  Then we pressed it into the tracks in the fire-box and pinned it with the little metal staples.  The package included good instructions for wiring the element to the thermostat and voila!


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