Fused Glass from Tropics of Costa Rica

Bottle Bird plates

costa rica birds

Keel-billed Toucan

By now, everyone on the planet has seen the ubiquitous slumped bottle/cheese plate.

costa rica birds

Ringed Kingfisher

I’ve added a Costa Rican tropical bird to each one, most of which I’ve seen here in Samara.

bottle birds

First step is to melt the lichor bottles to a full fuse, about 1535F in my kiln.

art glass costa rica

Then I add high temperature paint and powdered glass to create the bird.  It’s a little tricky because the Marigold looks white and the Apple Green looks blue.  Glass is made from minerals that change when heated, not pigments like paint.


That bird gets fired a second time to a tac fuse, about 1335F.

glass fusing costa rica

The powdered glass adheres to the bottle but it doesn’t become completely fused.

handmade fused glass

Then I add more powdered glass to intensify the colors.  There’s that sneaky Apple Green on his beak.

hand made costa rica art

Then the bottles are fired a third time, to a full fuse again.

birds costa rica

Streak-backed Oriole

And voila!  Ready to party.

wildlife costa rica

Black-headed Trogon

These Bottle Birds will be on display and for sale at Samara Organics next week.

Let me know which birds I should do next.

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