Fused Glass from Tropics of Costa Rica

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Christmas Tree Ornaments



Simple wreath

I’m running late this year but I’ve just finished some new Christmas Tree Ornaments.


Wreath with Bow

The wreaths are about 3 1/2″ diameter.



The snowflake is 4 1/4″ diameter.

All ornaments are $10.00 each.  I’m taking orders now for delivery on Monday 12th in central Samara.  Email or call me.



Jewelry/Bead Kiln for Sale

kiln for sale

kiln for sale

Here’s your opportunity to get into glass art for a small investment.   Learn a new art or  add to your existing studio.

AIM glass fusing electric kiln.  10” x 10” x 9” deep is perfect for fusing jewelry and small pieces or for annealing blown glass.  120 volt with a manual controller and a bead door.  Used.  priced to sell at $200.00.

fused glass kiln     fused glass in samara costa rica

10″ x 10″ is perfect for plates and bowls.

AIM kiln for sale  fused glass art samara costa rica

9″ deep allows you to slump into tall drop molds.

jewelry kiln

Manual controller.

fused glass kiln   annealing bead

With bead door for annealing beads and blown glass.

for sale Samara

kiln for sale samara

Digital thermo-coupler.

jewlery kiln for sale samara

120 volt electric elements

Email Jimmy for more information: jimmybennett3@yahoo.com

Fusing flotsam

glass fusing samara costa rica

Because my glass fusing studio is at the beach, students are always asking me about using shells and sea glass. The sea glass, I explain to them, is an unknown quantity that probably won’t fuse well to system 96 or float glass.  We can talk about compatibility and different formulas of glass.  But I had no way to explain why I believe that shells won’t work in a fused glass project.  So when Kelly insisted, I let him try.  He sandwiched the shells between two layers of 1/8″ glass and fired to full fuse.

art glass costa rica

The results speak for themselves, I think.


Art Fair Saturday

Navidad english (2)

More new work for art fair

casa gecko glass fusing in Samara costa rica

Red platter  – 8″ x 14 1/2″

don’t miss the Christmas Art Fair in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  8 December 2012, on the football field, 9 am – 8 pm.  Art, crafts, music, food, & performance.

Samara Christmas Art Fair

christmas art fair playa samara beach costa rcaSamara Christmas Art Fair scheduled for 8 Dec. on the soccer field.  9am – 8pm.  All art will be made by local artists.  Artists should bring ther own table and shade.  Contact Nicole 2656-0897 or Connie 2656-0072.

The art and history of studio glass-making – CBS News Video

The art and history of studio glass-making – CBS News Video.

via The art and history of studio glass-making – CBS News Video.

Glass from another life

glass in architecture

Glass in architecture

Back when I used to be an architect, I designed an amazing house for an amazing couple

on a private wooded lakeshore.

The house was all about light and water.

It was also about glass, which reflects the light and water throughout.

glass in architecture

A glass roof slicesthrough the center of the house, bringing the lake and the forest inside.

glass in architecture

A glass catwalk spans the third floor between two bedrooms.

glass in architecture

We sand-blasted it to ease the vertigo.

design for glass

Wine glasses sparkle in the sun on a custom -made rack.

glass tiles in architecture

Glass tiles in the main bath share woodland colors.

Now that I’m a serious glass artist instead of an architect  – as serious as I can be in tropical Costa Rica – I’d love to make fused glass building materials.  What do you need?