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New Website

ps3 - red leaf platter

Gecko Glass

Gecko Glass has gone live with a new website at http://geckoglassart.com.  Check it out for new work, classes info, and portfolio.  You can still follow my blog for news and events by clicking in the right hand column here.


New Work

I’ve just put some new pieces into Samara Organics.

Lots of jewelry too.

Inspired by the sea

Red blue coral, 13" diameter, C22,500

Red blue coral, 13″ diameter, C22,500, available at Gecko Glass

Blue green coral, 10" diameter, C12,500

Blue green coral, 10″ diameter, C12,500, Sold

Lavender blue coral, 10" diameter, C12,500

Lavender blue coral, 10″ diameter, C12,500, Available at Samara Organics Market

This class filled the kiln this time

fused glass in samara costa rica

fused glass in samara costa rica

It was a big class this week, so we stuffed fused glass art into every corner of the kiln.  Two plates, two votive holders and two night lights.  A great family activity produced hand crafted vacation mementos.

Design with light

fused glass art in samara costa rica

fused glass art in samara costa ricaAnother fun glass fusing class with beginner, Jeff from California, and frequent fuser, Roy.  Colors seemed to be of a theme on this cloudy tropical morning.  But Roy, this votive holder is my favorite piece yet of yours.  Great design work!  Nice arrangement of colors, darks and lights, and, of course, “surprise”.  It’ll catch the candle-light beautifully.

Kids’ class in Samara

g- mareas 19

Friday afternoon, we made light catchers with students from Mareas Homeschool, here in Samara.

kids art class samara costa rica

We talked about glass: what it is made of – and glass fusing: what happens when it is heated in a kiln.

art education costa rica


art education samara costa rica

We talked about color, the color wheel, and how different colors work together.

fused glass art costa rica   ???????????????????????

We used pre-fired pieces of fusible art on top of a clear base sheet, in designs to match or drawings.

kiln opening

Here are the light catchers, with hooks, in the kiln and ready for firing up to 1490 degrees farenheit.

ready to fire

Twenty-four hours later, we opened the kiln to find the pieces of glass fused to the base sheet.


g- mareas 34

And, voila!

g- mareas 33

Colored light, ready to hang in a window.

g- mareas 32

Kids classes can be scheduled for small groups.  Call for more information.

Another fun glass fusing class

fused glass class samara costa rica

fused glass class samara costa rica

A variety of colorful and bright of colorful pieces made in this week’s class: a nite-lite, 2 plates, and a votive holder.   It’s fun to see how different personalities are manifested in light and color.

Limited US Shipping


Red Leaf Platter - 8" x 14" - $54.00

Red Leaf Platter – 8″ x 14″ – $54.00

I’m headed north in a few weeks from my home in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  I’m going to the US, where shipping of my hand-made fused glass art work will be a lot easier and safer.  Some of my customers have been patiently waiting for my next trip to the land of UPS and Federal Express and will be rewarded with delivery in early July.  These pieces below are still available for purchase.  Let me know before 21 June 2014 by Facebook message or email if you’d like one of these beautiful works of hand-made glass art sent to your home.  Or call.

Striped plate, green & blue transparent - 6" x 6" plate - $22.00

Striped plate, green & blue transparent – 6″ x 6″ plate – $22.00


st- 2




Waterlilies - 6" x 6" plate - $26.00

Waterlilies – 6″ x 6″ plate – $26.00

Waterfish - 6" x 6" plate - $26.00

Waterfish – 6″ x 6″ plate – $26.00

Flores, cranberry on yellow - 8" x 8" plate - $18.00

Flores, cranberry on yellow – 8″ x 8″ plate – $18.00

Sea Green 2 - plate 8" x 8" - $32.00

Sea Green 2 – plate 8″ x 8″ – $32.00

Sea Green 1 - Plate 8" x 8" - $32.00

Sea Green 1 – Plate 8″ x 8″ – $32.00

I’ll quote you the additional shipping costs before you purchase.  I can accept credit cards or Paypal.

Fundidos – New jewelry at Samara Organics

fused glass jewelry samara costa rica

fused glass jewlry

I’ve just finished a new series of fused glass jewelry.

g- earrings 5

There are several different styles.

glass art

Earrings, pendants and bracelets.

art costa rica

Handmade in Samara.

fused glass art samara costa rica

On display and on sale at Samara Organics and Dragonfly Gallery in central Samara.  c4,000 ($8.00) each.

Waterlilies Redux

glass fusing in samara costa rica

glass fusing in samara costa rica

I’m really excited about a new series I’ve started.

g- waterlilies

I was so inspired by this gorgeous photo by Frans Lanting, that I attempted to recreate it glass and copper.

artists in samara costa rica

How’d I do?

Que Lindo Art Fair a big success!

Over 27 artists showed their wares at the annual Que Lindo Art Fair in Samara yesterday.

Over 27 artists showed their wares at the annual Que Lindo Art Fair in Samara yesterday.


New class schedule

glass fusing samara costa ricaGlass fusing classes are offered Monday, Thursday or Sat. mornings at 10 am during high season.  c10,000 fee includes class, materials, tools, and two firings.  2 hours class.  Allow at least 72 hours for firing (before you leave town).  Jewelry classes are scheduled by request.

Call 8977-1576 or email for a reservation (required).

Come melt something!

Que Lindo Art Fair

by Patty Shattuck

by Patty Shattuck

Playa Samara is home to an abundance of creativity.  Come see what local artists make.

by Lavae Aldrich

by Lavae Aldrich

Friday 24 January 2 – 6 PM

At: Samara Organics in the Natural Center.

by Marlene McCauley

by Marlene McCauley

Paintings – Holly Crenshaw, Davina Pritchard, Marlene McCauley, Patty Shattuck, Nathan Miller, Sara Lacrimi. Davina Pritchard

Pottery –

Mixed Media – Maria Fernanda Galvez,

Fused Glass – Lavae Aldrich

Sculpture – Nancy Reilly

Jewelry – Gallery Sandalo, Anita Azul, Josefina Riccheri, Lavae Aldrich

Clothing – Josefina Riccheri,  Anita Zuzul

Wood Frames – Jim Casey

Children’s activity table – Crear

Trinket Triumph

kiln opening

kiln opening

It’s always exciting to open the kiln after an all-night firing.  The results of our first jewelry class were successful.

Linda's pendants

Linda’s pendants

Linda’s pendants turned out well, with bits of dichroic sparkle.  Ready for a simple silk cord.

Becky's set plus

Becky’s set plus

Becky has a nice blue set with a pendant and earrings.  Here copper mesh earrings are swell.

Roberta's suite

Roberta’s suite

When Roberta picked up her pieces, she sat right down and fitted the findings so that she could wear her earrings and pendant on the plane home.

And now we wait

g- jewelry class 2

Fuse Glass Jewelry class was a lot of fun.  (more…)

Fused Glass Jewelry Class

glass fusing in costa rica
glass fusing in costa rica

Pendant and earrings set

10 AM Monday 21 October 2013 at Casa Gecko Glass

–        Earrings

–        Pendants

–        Charms

You’ll make 5 pair of earrings, pendants or charms.

fused glass earrings

Dichroic glass inclusions

We’ll use copper wire to embed hooks in the firing process.  Bring your fabrics to make jewelry to match your favorite dress.  Just in time to make Christmas gifts.  I have findings for pierced or un-pierced ears, as well as pendants.

fused glass jewelry

Copper inclusions

Call or email for a reservation. Class size limited to 5.  8977-1576 or  glass@casaelgecko.com. C10,000 ($20.00) 5 pairs of earrings or pendants.

Brooke tried out a new mold

g- brooke 2

Brooke just finished this beautiful 8″ vegetable/chip bowl using a mold that we’ve just started using.  Fabulous results!

g- brooke 1

Queque anyone?

art costa rica

A new cake plate catches the light like jewels.

glass fusing samara costa rica

14″ diameter, dead flat, it sits on three feet.



art glass costa rica

glass fusing samara costa rica

We now have nite-lites. (more…)

Basket case

recycled glass fusion

recycled glass fusion

In tropical Costa Rica, everything rusts, rots, or returns to nature.

glass fusing costa rica

Angelina, owner of Samara Organics recently lamented, “I wish I could find a basket that wouldn’t fall apart.”

fused glass art samara beach costa rica

So I made these 14″ diameter baskets out of recycled glass, left-over from construction projects.

vitro fusion costa rica

They’re fun and functional.  Washable, anti-fungal, and non-rusting.  Perfect for the tropics.

What to do in the rain

Casa Gecko Glass was featured in the August issue of our local bi-lingual news magazine, The Voz de Guanacaste.  Take a look at what the class produced and read Ariana McKinney’s article.


glas fusing classes in samara costa rica


Happy Mother’s Day from Costa Rica

vitofusion en costa rica

Danny Carrillo Gomez lo hizo ese regalo para su mama para honrarla en su dia especial.  Danny made this gift for his mother to honor her on this special day in Costa Rica.

Well, that was an idea

I recently posted a “schedule” for winter (invierno) classes.  Seemed like a good idea.  And those times are still available.  But if you can round up another student, we can find a time that’s convenient for all.  Remember to allow 3 days for kiln firing your art piece before you leave town.

art in samara costa rica

Class Schedule for Invierno (Tropical Winter)

fused glass art samara costa rica

June through September

Beginning Glass Fusing – Monday and Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm – 3:30 pm or by appointment.

Reservation required – 2656-1010.   4 students max, $20.00/ 10,000 colones.  No experience required.

art samara costa rica

Classes are offered at our studio in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  You will make a piece of warm glass art, fused and slumped.  Allow 72 hours for firing.

fused glass art samara costa rica

Continued learning and project specific studio time is more than possible.  Call or write for more information.

costa rica house

Combine glass fusing with a tropical vacation.  We have accommodations for you and your family at Casa Mango and Casa Papaya.