Fused Glass from Tropics of Costa Rica

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Brooke tried out a new mold

g- brooke 2

Brooke just finished this beautiful 8″ vegetable/chip bowl using a mold that we’ve just started using.  Fabulous results!

g- brooke 1

Queque anyone?

art costa rica

A new cake plate catches the light like jewels.

glass fusing samara costa rica

14″ diameter, dead flat, it sits on three feet.



art glass costa rica

glass fusing samara costa rica

We now have nite-lites. (more…)

What to do in the rain

Casa Gecko Glass was featured in the August issue of our local bi-lingual news magazine, The Voz de Guanacaste.  Take a look at what the class produced and read Ariana McKinney’s article.


glas fusing classes in samara costa rica


Hot glass will find it’s own level

what to do in samara costa ricaSaturday’s Beginning Glass Fusing produced some lovely pieces by four first-timers.  It also produced some interesting lessons.

When melted and allowed to flow freely, glass “wants” to be 1/4″ thick.  With enough heat, the mass of molten glass will expand or contract until it is 1/4″ thick.  Each of these designs was laid up on a 6″ x 6″ piece of 1/8″ clear glass (System 96).  But some changes occurred in the kiln.

things to do in costa rica

A thin piece, like this single sheet of 1/8″ glass with a detailed design in the center

g- 5

shrunk in the kiln, pushing the glass to the center as it tried to get thicker.

glass fusing classes

This design has some very thick detailing in two corners, which expanded upon firing.

art in costa rica

The other corners, with two layers of glass, stayed pretty square.

g- 4c

With a continuous border of very thick glass,

glass fusing costa rica

this design expanded about 1/2″ but quite evenly and retained a fairly square shape.

made in costa rica

This design completely covered the base glass with a collage of 1/8″ thick glass.

fused glass costa rica

The result after firing is about the same size and shape as the original 6″ square.  A few thicker details in the center of the piece found room to settle before pushing the edges out.