Fused Glass from Tropics of Costa Rica

Glass from another life

Glass in architecture

Back when I used to be an architect, I designed an amazing house for an amazing couple

on a private wooded lakeshore.

The house was all about light and water.

It was also about glass, which reflects the light and water throughout.

glass in architecture

A glass roof slicesthrough the center of the house, bringing the lake and the forest inside.

glass in architecture

A glass catwalk spans the third floor between two bedrooms.

glass in architecture

We sand-blasted it to ease the vertigo.

design for glass

Wine glasses sparkle in the sun on a custom -made rack.

glass tiles in architecture

Glass tiles in the main bath share woodland colors.

Now that I’m a serious glass artist instead of an architect  – as serious as I can be in tropical Costa Rica – I’d love to make fused glass building materials.  What do you need?

One response

  1. Great ideas for my house! Love the tiles in the bathroom, the hanging light fixtures and the mosaic stone path in the bathroom!

    August 31, 2012 at 10:30 am

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